A Modern Prayer Times App


The thoughtfully designed clock is an iconic time representer in Salaty. It is easy to glimpse the remaining and upcoming prayer times from the clock interface.


With a thorough and detailed look, the calendar is an essential part of Salaty. The app integrates a calendar view that supports both the Hijri as well as the Gregorian date.


An accurate Hijri date is delivered using cloud/server technology. The service is supported for some countries, and extended support is on the way.

Clock and Prayer Times

The iconic clock in Salaty is a graphical representation of the remaining time of the upcoming prayers as well as the elapsed time of the current prayer.

By looking at the donut shaped clock and the color of the crescent, you can instantly know the current prayer time as well as the remaining time till the next prayer.

Colorful and Elegant Widgets

By supporting iOS 14 widgets, it is now much easier to glimpse prayer time information.

Using the iconic donut interface of Salaty, it is a joy and plain simple to grasp time information.

It is now much more easier to track the prayer times using the widget without opening the app at all.

Hijri Date Sync

The lunar calendar always varies depending on the country's religious authorities that sight the lunar crescent.

Using Hijri date Sync, you receive the actual Hijri date with exact accuracy for your time zone*.

* Please visit our support page for more information on the supported timezones.

Calendar and Events

With a professional look and feel, the calendar delivers a new experience that enables you to track both the prayer times and calendar events.

The calendar supports both the Gregorian as well as the Hijri dates. You can interactively show the prayer times and the events of a specific day.