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Salaty App Intuitive clock shown on iPhone Salaty App Feed shown on iPhone


The meticulously crafted clock serves as an iconic representation of time. With its thoughtful design, users can effortlessly discern both the remaining time and upcoming prayer times directly from the clock interface.


The calendar holds significant importance within Salaty, offering users a comprehensive and detailed view. Integrated seamlessly into the app, the calendar supports both Hijri and Gregorian dates, providing users with a versatile tool for tracking their schedules with precision.

Todo List

Adjacent to the innovative circular clock, the Todo List provides an alternative approach to tracking prayer times within Salaty. This conventional yet straightforward view offers users a simple and efficient means of monitoring prayer timings.

Iconic prayer times clock

In Salaty, the clock stands as a visual hallmark, offering more than mere timekeeping.

Its iconic design serves as a graphical depiction, elegantly showcasing the remaining duration of upcoming prayers and the elapsed time of the ongoing prayer.

The donut-shaped clock, complemented by the subtle hues of the crescent, provides an intuitive interface where users effortlessly discern the current prayer.

It’s a seamless blend of artistry and functionality, enriching the prayer tracking experience with clarity and elegance.

iconic prayer times clock

Islamic feed

The Feed feature within Salaty resembles a mini Islamic social media platform, where users engage with posts about various Islamic events, check beneficial website links, and find inspiration through Quranic verses and Prophet Muhammad's ahadith.

Additionally, users can interact with posts by providing feedback through likes and comments, creating a dynamic and interactive environment that enriches the user experience and fosters community engagement.

Version 3 introduces the ability for all users to contribute to the feed, fostering a sense of ownership and collective participation.

Islamic feed

Islamic Calendar

Imbued with a sleek and professional aesthetic, the calendar feature in Salaty presents users with an enhanced experience, seamlessly integrating the tracking of prayer times alongside calendar events.

Beyond mere functionality, it offers a visually engaging interface that facilitates effortless organization of your daily schedule.

It's more than just a calendar—it's your personal assistant in navigating life's myriad commitments while staying attuned to your spiritual journey.

Islamic calendar

Accurate Hijri dates

The lunar calendar, crucial in Islamic tradition, undergoes constant variation due to the reliance on each country's religious authorities tasked with sighting the lunar crescent.

With Salaty's innovative feature, Hijri Date Sync, users benefit from precise and timely updates on the actual Hijri date tailored to their specific time zone.

This ensures accuracy and eliminates any discrepancies, allowing individuals to align their religious observances with confidence.

While currently available in select countries*, we are dedicated to expanding our support to include more regions in the near future, enhancing accessibility and convenience for all users.

rotating moon
moon phases
* Please visit our support page for more information on the supported timezones.

Todo List

Complementing the innovative circular clock interface, the Todo List offers an alternative perspective for monitoring prayer times.

While the clock provides a visual representation of time, the Todo List presents a conventional yet intuitive view, allowing users to effortlessly grasp prayer timings at a glance.

Salaty's Todo List feature provides an interactive approach to tracking your prayer times where users can check off prayers as done, reflecting the essence of GTD methodology.

todo list view

Plain and Simple Settings

Salaty boasts a minimalist and user-friendly settings interface, designed to streamline your experience without unnecessary clutter.

Upon installation, the app automatically configures your location and prayer time methods based on your country, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup process.

By simplifying the settings interface, we prioritize ease of use and intuitive navigation, allowing users to focus on their spiritual practice without getting bogged down by unnecessary options.

This approach enhances the app's accessibility and ensures a smoother interaction, fostering a sense of comfort and familiarity.

plain and simple settings interface