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Privacy Policy

Updated on November 16, 2020

Your privacy is of primary importance to us. This Privacy Policy covers how we collect, use, transfer, and store your information. After carefully reading the privacy policy, please contact us if you have any privacy concerns.

We don't collect, use, transfer or store any of your data that is linked to your app and device. Also, there is no communication between your device and any of our servers or third party servers/applications. Instead, your device communicates only with Apple's Cloud to determine accurate Hijri dates.

Collection and Use of Information

Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a specific individual.

What information do we collect through our website?

Contact Information

You provide your personal information whenever you contact us through our contact page.

Information from your App that is sent to Apple's cloud

Lunar Calendar (Hijri Date)

In order to capture the Hijri date that is synchronized through Apple's cloud, your time zone is provided.