What are the information that the clock interface deliver?

The clock interface shows a clock surrounded by a colorful band/pie that graphically represents the elapsed time of the current prayer and the remaining times until the upcoming prayers. The crescent's color is a direct indication of the current prayer. The single letters that are shown under the band signify the prayer names.

As shown below, the color of the crescent is blue and the letter 'I' is displayed. This signifies that the current time is Ishaa.

Does Salaty has a calendar?

Yes, Salaty has a calendar view.

How could I customize Salaty?

The settings is intentionally made minimal and simple. You could customize the following settings:

  • Location detection
  • Prayer time methods
  • Prayer notifications (i.e., Azan)
What are the prayer time methods supported by Salaty?

Currently, Salaty supports 16 time methods that directly affect the Fajr and Ishaa prayer times. They are listed in the following table:

Time Method Abbr. Fajr Angle Ishaa Angle Region
Muslim World League MWL 18.0° 17.0°
Egyptian General Authority ESA 19.5° 17.5° Egypt
Islamic Society of North America ISNA 15.0° 15.0° North America
Turkish Presidency of religious affairs TPRA 18.0° 17.0° Turkey
Russian Spiritual Administration of Muslims RSAM 16.0° 15.0° Russia
Algerian Ministry of Religious Affairs AMRA 18.0° 17.0° Algeria
Union of Islamic Organisations of France UOIF 12.0° 12.0° France
Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia JAKIM 20.0° 18.0° Malaysia
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura MUIS 20.0° 18.0° Singapore
Indonesia Sihat/Kemenag ISK 20.0° 18.0° Indonesia
Tunisian Ministry of Religious Affairs TMRA 18.0° 18.0° Tunisia
Karachian University of Islamic Sciences KUIS 18.0° 18.0° Pakistan
Kuwait Ministry of Islamic Affairs KIA 18.0° 17.5° Kuwait
Umm Al-Qura UQU 18.5° 90min Saudi Arabia
UAE's Authority of Islamic Affairs UAEI 19.5° 90min UAE
Qatar Ministry of Islamic Affairs QIA 18.0° 90min Qatar

You can also set a custom method based on the Fajr and Ishaa angles.

Asr time methods follow two major schools:

  • Shafi'i, Maliki, Ja'fari, and Hanbali
  • Hanafi
What are the timezones that are supported by Hijri Date Sync?

The currently supported timezones are listed below:

  • Africa/Cairo
  • Asia/Bahrain
  • Asia/Dubai
  • Asia/Kuwait
  • Asia/Qatar
  • Asia/Riyadh
  • Europe/Berlin
  • Europe/London
  • Europe/Paris

We are constantly increasing this list to include all countries of the world.